Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events

Meetings, Congresses and Corporate Events

The Meeting Rooms, preserve intact the charm of the ancient spaces they were created from.

The Hotel San Francesco al Monte offers 3 fully-equipped conference rooms with telephone, Internet access, audio-visual system, projectors, screens and flipcharts.


The rooms can accommodate a maximum of 180 people and they have been designed down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of each meeting or conference.

Regardless of the room selected, every event can be accompanied by the fascinating panoramic view instead of the ancient frescoes and, in any case, always by the fascinating 16th-century architecture

Refettorio: 140 m2, 50-180 people depending on configuration

Forno: 60 m2, 2-30 people depending on configuration

San Giovanni Giuseppe: 70 m2, 10-60 people depending on configuration